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Uke special...

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - nothing more needs saying!

Ukuleles for Peace - From Conflict to Coexistence: Creating opportunities for Jewish and Arab children to meet and become involved with one another in their daily lives.

General ukulele sites, including lessons...

Ukulele Go! - ukulele lessons, resources, reviews and lots more! Of particular interest - Find ukulele chords that sound great together and Nothing but great ukulele chord progressions

TakeLessons - beginner ukulele lessons to help you choose the right ukulele, tune it up, and start playing songs

The Ukulele Directory - a multitude of uke related info & resources including...festivals & events, sheet music online, online tools & links, tuitionnt lessons for left-handers, tuition, luthiers and repairs, songbooks, chord charts, cool ukulele products, ukulele clubs directory - Australia & new Zealand, uke chat, fave vids, the uke shop, uke cd samples & reviews

Easy Ukulele Songs - learn how to play ukulele easier & faster. Includes free eBook download 5 Beginner Ukulele Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them!)

Uke Hunt (careful saying out loud!!) - pretty much everything you need to know about strummin' your uke...and then some!

Ukulele Underground - provides quality video ukulele lessons for songs and techniques, a pool of knowledge from the largest community of ukulele players on the internet, and access to some of the most valuable resources in ukulele.

Love My Ukulele - sharing the love of the happiest instrument in the world!

Ukulele Downunder - Ukulelejohn offers workshops, lessons and ukulele sales.

Ukulele Tricks - onlineukulele lessons.

Uke the Planet - chords, uke layout, tuning, lessons, videos, uke reviews, uke history.

Ukeonomics - blog about ukuleles! Period. Exclamation point!

Ukulele Boogaloo - songbook, uke world, chord chart, fun stuff.

Ukulele Hall of Fame - information about ukulele players and makers, ukulele music, and ukulele history. Includes a large compilation of historical information, downloads, ukes for kids and more.

Ukulele Strummers - loaded with ukulele related information - chords, tuning, methods, and more.

The Uke with Ed Kalua - Ukulele lessons, chords, songs, music (some uke mp3s), tuning tips, the anatomy of a ukulele and everything you need to play awesome ukulele!

Flea Market Music, Inc - online store, worldwide ukulele player directory, bulletin board, marketplace and more.

Ukulele chords & tabs...

GoChords! - an online tool for songwriting and playing your songs. It has chord tabs that you can move into position, over your lyrics. You can change the key of the song and the chords tabs to accommodate different instruments. It's not just a writing site, it encourages collaboration! You can start or join groups. The site will be featuring songwriters' videos and we are planning to add many fun features.

Ukulele Chords - a free chord library offering the"largest and the most comprehensive selection of ukulele charts" from uke planet.

Chordie - a search engine for finding lyrics, chords and tabs.

pdf-minstrel - specialiing in transcribing chord melody traditional and classical pieces for all tunings of uke. Two new forms of arrangement for the uke. The first are Tri-Tabs which only use the top three strings of the ukulele and suit all tunings. The second type of arrangement is called Ukiversal tabs. These use all four strings but can be played on any tuning of uke.

EZ Folk - music downloads, tabs, chords, ukulele tutorials, shopping and more

Songbooks & Songsheets...

Richard G’s Ukulele Songbook! - lyrics and ukulele chords for songs that Richard likes playing...new songs being added all the time!

DoctorUke.com - songsheets with chord shapes for all ukes including baritones, theory, and lots of other uke stuff.

Taunton Ukulele Strummers Club (TUSC) - great uke songbooks generously shared with the ukulele world!

Cowboy Lyrics - source for cowboy lyrics and tabs.

Uke bits & bobs...

Rose Turtle Ertler- everything you want to know about Rose...CDs, tours, etc.

Daniel Brauchli- Daniel is an Alaskan born Tasmanian based luthier and has been playing, designing and building musical instruments for over thirty years. Now living in Tasmania, Daniel is making musical instruments full time. These guitars, mandolins, violins, etc, combine original acoustic and visual concepts with carbon fiber technology and beautiful Tasmanian timbers.

dusty verandah music - Hand made ukes from completely recycled timbers in South Australia,

Electric Ukulele Land - Do you play uke? Ever wanted to play an ‘Electric Ukulele’ and shred like a rock star on a big distorted amplifier stack? Electric Ukulele Land is here to help you do exactly that.

Ukulele Players Worldwide - connect with ukers all over the globe.

The UkeCast - free podcasts including original performances, latest news, beginner tips, interviews, reviews and a little bit of everything related ro the ukulele.

The Banjo Ukulele Haven -site devoted to the banjo ukulele (also referred to as the banjo uke, banjolele, or banjulele)

The World of the Banjo Ukulele - just about everything there is to know about this very special instrument.

Folk Federation of Tasmania - everything that you need to know about Folk Music in Tasmania - dance, sessions, concerts, clubs, festivals, special events ... and more!

Specialist Ukulele shops...

Lord Uke - Melbourne

Strictly Ukes - online

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