Europe 2008 Visual Diary page 23
Whitby, Yorkshire

At the mouth of the River Esk lies the ancient village of Whitby first settled in the 5th or 6th century AD. It was into this harbour of history and myth that Bram Stoker sailed in 1890. He had been working on a novel inspired by Hungarian adventurer Arminius Vambery who had regaled Stoker with eastern European tales of the blood-hungry living dead. Whitby proved to be the perfect setting for Stoker to derive some of the more intriguing details for his book. He was so impressed by the surrealistic, menacing aspects of the immense stone abbey and St Mary’s Cathedral looming over the small town, that he used Whitby in his novel Dracula as the place where the seductive Count meets and kills Lucy. Whitby also often features in the TV series Heartbeat.

Whitby also boasts The Magpie Cafe...Britain's most famous chippy! And, they were REALLY good!!