Europe 2008 Visual Diary page 61
Port Isaac, Cornwall - location for Saving Grace (film) and Doc Martin (TV)

Yep...I actually drove down this (two way!!) street to the waterfront...pretty hairy!!

And parked on the 'beach'...had to leave before the tide came in!! Our car is the little silver Corsa, 2nd from the right, middle row. Got smarter when leaving...waited for someone to leave before me and followed...if anything untoward was going to happen, it was going to happen to him!! For fans of the TV series, note Doc Martin's house on the hill.

Close up of the house used for the external shots of Doc Martin's house/surgery

View from the doc's house down the road to the village

View from the doc's house across to the school house

The school house (actually a hotel and restaurant)

The end of the narrow, winding (yes, two way!!) road into the village (where the man is walking between the 2 buildings)