Europe 2008 Visual Diary page 125
Réquista, France

We travelled to Réquista for the Fête de la Brebis (celebration of the ewe)

Before the celebration, the hearty ones amongst us participated in the ??km walk...can't remember how long but a long way!! And here they are returning! Those hearty ones were everyone except me and one of the Claudines...Claudine because she had a bad back and me...mmmmmm, just didn't want too!!

Us not so hearty were entertained before the celebrations commenced by a local traditional dance troupe...

...a local band...

...a local goose farmer (there may be a noun describing goose farming...but I don't know it!) and his wonder dog!

Then the celebrations began with a parade of the 'stars' of the day!!

Followed by a communal feast supplied by the local was such a 'local day'!!

And our lot continued to feast after the local fare had diminished...even in the rain!!!!