Europe 2008 Visual Diary page 150
The mediaeval city of Brugge, Belgium

So...the reason for travelling to see L'Institut Saint-François-Xavier where my grandfather, Charles Wells Cadman, was educated from 1895 to 1900. Eighty five year old Brother Norbert was extremely generous with his time...searching out my grandfather's records and showing us around the school. The records were filled with the names of boys from all over the world. Apparently it was recognised at the time of one of Europe's foremost French teaching schools. Most of the school buildings have been built since my grandfather left...however, this entrance was the main entrance when he was here.

This was the boarding area during my grandfather's period. The school no longer accepts boarders.

And this was our accommodation in Brugge!!!! The best commercial accommodation of our holiday by 1,000 miles!!! It is a 17thC summerhouse in the bottom of our host, Francine's, walled garden. Absolutely fact I don't have enough superlatives to describe it!! In addition, Francine was the best landlady also by 1,000 miles. Her little touches were well apprecciated...such as the very best bed linen I've ever slept in, slippers for both of us, fantastic quality bath robes, beautiful quality creams and lotions by every tap (bathroom and kitchen), breakfasts that fed us for lunch as well...and then some, a hugh selection of CDs for all tastes...the list goes on...and on!!! I truly didn't want to leave Francine's or Brugge!!

Oh, and outside chairs for a relaxing cuppa in our private garden after a hard day's walking!!

More of our private garden!

Setting off on our canal tour

The old city gate from the outside...

...and from inside the city

One of the 4 remaining windmills skirting the city

And nearly everyone here rides a bike...all ages...from the very young to the very old...and we saw many dogs transported by bike too!! Notice the distinctive Belgian shape of the buildings on the left.

The date carved into the chair on the right is 1619.