Europe 2008 Visual Diary page 156
Around the city - Munich, Germany

The Feldherrnhalle, where Hitler gave his first public speech in 193? The story goes that apparently someone fired a gunshot and Hitler immediately took off and was found some time later hiding in a cupboard!! After he came to power it was declared that everyone must give the Nazi salute as they pass the Feldherrnhalle. Consequently...

...Viscardigasse, just behind Feldherrnhalle became the busiest street in Munich!!

Inside the Residenze

Entrance to the Residenze

This statue of Max Joseph sits over an underground carpark under Max-Joseph-Platz. When the carpark was constructed, the exhaust outlets were located just under the statue. At the opening ceremony the official pressed the button (or whatever) and immediately the impression was given that the statue was farting the cheers of the crowds. The embarrassed officials quickly shut everything down and had to redesign the system to save poor old Max from immortal ridicule!!!