Europe 2008 Visual Diary page 161
Cultural extremes in Vienna, Austria

Quite by accident we hit Vienna during European Cup final for 2008...between Spain and Germany.

I was amazed at the camaraderie apparent between the Spanish and German is an impromptu football match in front of the cathedral between rival fans. By the way, Spain won...was this an omen??

More camaraderie between the rivals!

Even the human statue got into the spirit!!

At the other end of the cultural scale, we decided to enjoy a Vienna Walzer Concert of music by Mozart & Strauss. The concert was supposed to be performed here in the Palais Palffy where Mozart gave a concert together with his sister Nanner on 16 October 1762.

However, the concert was transferred to Palais Auersperg...disappointed not to see where Mozart actually performed but a pretty amazing alternative anyway!!

This really tickled me...wonder if Mozart would have considered composing ring tones!!!

The Viennese love their's Mozart...

...and Strauss