Europe 2008 Visual Diary page 167
Kilmainham Gaol - Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Built in 1792 and closed in 1924 I recognised this area immediately from The Italian Job. More regular movie goers might recognise it from any of the many movies which have used this location. More seriously the gaol has held many famous Nationalists and Republicans throughout the years and the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising were executed here.

The leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising were executed in this yard

Opposite the prison and commemorating the executed leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising

Closeup of one of the figures

And on a lighter note...this is a loo in the female WC at the gaol. The loo paper dispenser is the round thing on the wall. When you're sitting on the seat it is smack bang directly behind your head...gotta be the most difficult position short of putting it completely out of reach! It must have been designed by a man!!