Europe 2008 Visual Diary page 170
East London, England

In front of the house in Leyton in which my grandfather, Charles Wells Cadman, was born

St George in the East in which my 2xgreat grandmother, Sarah Jones (wife of Henry Cadman) was christened

The house in which my great grandfather (Charles Wells Cadman senior) was living in 1881 with his Aunt Ann (née Cadman) and Uncle William Settles and cousin Isabella Hunter

St Paul's, Shadwell, traditionally known as the Church of Sea Captains, in which Henry Cadman (and siblings) and Charles Wells Cadman senior (and some siblings) were christened. Captain Cook's oldest son and Thomas Jefferson's mother were also christened here.

I visited many addresses of my Cadman and Jones ancestors in the East End but nearly all original buildings have disappeared...either through WWII or 'progress'. In fact, the street where Sarah Jones was born contains no old buildings at all plus the road has been renamed...her birthplace has been totally obliterated! The area in this pic is the only part of this strip of The Highway (previously High Street), Shadwell with old buildings. The numbers begin at 290 whereas our Cadmans lived in 221 and 242...but it gives a sort of feeling for yesteryear.

A couple of final and farewell shorts in London